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About Us

Our Team

✔Jake Brown

✔Head Coach and Owner of Samson Barbell

✔ACE PT certified

✔USPA certified

10+ years of Training

Specializes in athletic training and powerlifting coaching. 

My name is Jake, I am a Marine Corps veteran. I served in the infantry. If there is one word that describes my style of training it is "GRIT". I believe in hard work and honesty. Results don't just come magically. I am here to buckle down with you and get the job done!


✔Stacey Iliff
Les Mills
Rock Tape


My name is Stacey Iliff and I have been in the fitness industry for over 15 years.  A little about myself...  I played d1 soccer and attended SDSU for Undergrad where I obtained a BS in Kinesiology.  I then moved to Boston where I obtained my MS degree in Exercise Physiology. At this time I also worked in a Physical Therapy clinic, where I have obtained my rehab experience.  I started my own fitness company where I trained hundreds of High School and College athletes for sports specific style training.  I also started an Anti bullying program for young kids that would build confidence through fitness.  I love what I do and would not change it for anything.

✔Mark Goode
✔NASM PT certified
My Name is Mark Goode and I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer. As a youth, I battled with many insecurities and identity issues, which resulted in a lifestyle of poor
choices. As I became an adult, my life was going downhill at full speed, and it was in the middle of this crisis that I decided to get help. I checked myself into the Victory Outreach Christian Men’s Home where I developed a love for Jesus Christ and Fitness. I worked hard every day to become the best possible version of myself.

While I no longer suffered with an identity crisis, I still suffered with appearance issues. I had been the “skinny guy” my whole life and was unhappy with my strength, even though I was training consistently. It wasn’t until I added a discipline of nutrition and an actual periodized training program that I was able to achieve my current weight and strength (I weigh 195 lbs and can deadlift over 525 lbs). This periodized training led me to the sport of Powerlifting, and through this sport, I developed a passion to wanting to become a personal trainer. As your trainer, I will commit to help you achieve your ideal weight, physique, and strength goals.